About Us


"Agnee Engineering" is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and exporters of heat treatment furnaces, non-ferrous melting & holding furnaces and industrial ovens, roller hearth annealing furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces, retort furnaces, heating ovens, rotary retort furnaces & driers. With over a decade of experience and expertise in thermal technology, we have emerged as a formidable solutions provider for industrial furnace & oven installation. The secret of our success lies in the fact that we are thoroughly involved in a project from the conceptualization stage for a new industrial furnace or oven installation right through to its completion.

At Agnee engineering, our keen interest towards the latest findings in the advancement in thermal technologies provides us the advantage of the new innovations and inventions in the industry. All the clients who have had an association with us for their project requirements are a testament to this. The advantage they have received from this has developed bonds of trust that only quality service over a period of time can germinate.

Techno Savvy

We are people with an eye towards the latest developments in the thermal technology arena. With an awareness of the latest findings in the industry, we recommend innovative ways of saving time and money to our clients. Being in an industry where it is always a continuous race against time, our clients are benefited from saving precious time in completion of their tightly scheduled projects.

Global Player

Agnee Engineering is committed to be a part of the massive restructuring of the industrialization process that the world is going through. Agnee Engineering will continue its process of pursuing market leadership by manufacturing customer oriented heat transfer equipment and services. We are committed to deliver heat treatment furnaces, non-ferrous melting & holding furnaces, roller hearth annealing furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces, industrial ovens & driers at every possible sector they can cater to with complete customer satisfaction for our clients.

Modern Infrastructure

We boast of a very modern and updated infrastructure to fulfill our mission. Our thermal process heat treating equipment are world class. General heat treating equipment and atmosphere generators in association with system components like charge and discharge tables, quench systems, protective atmosphere systems, cooling equipment and loaders that must be integrated into the overall plant production operations are all made to order for production capabilities as per industry orientation. For batch or semi-continuous process requirements, Agnee Engineering commands the capability to manufacture standard and custom designed furnaces tailored to your specific production needs.

Quality Control That Pays

At Agnee Engineering, quality is of the highest concern for us. Our comprehensive quality management ensures that our clients worldwide are provided with products acquired that meet the most stringent performance and quality levels. We have earned the reputation of being a company that sticks to its commitment towards quality from conceptualizing of design to installation of its products.

Client Satisfaction- Our Key Motivator

Over the period of a decade we have been the successful partner towards many success stories. As a solutions provider, we are aware that the efficiency of our service help our clients to retain high delivering capacities for their clients. Our heat treatment furnaces, non-ferrous melting & holding furnaces, roller hearth annealing furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces and industrial ovens & driers have always remained contributors towards the positive development of our clients.

The Heat Generating People